Passionate about innovation and business development

With over 25 years’ experience working in companies and agencies, I founded Setup Partners in 2014.

Our objective is to facilitate your commercial and marketing developments in the food sector covering all channels.

We offer you, as part of a flexible and tailor-made approach, our expertise, a dedicated focus and an external vision.

SetUp Partners works closely with its network of expert partners that it coordinates and manages according to the missions: promotion and communication agencies, editors, web designers, graphic designers, sales forces…

We work with our clients on the entire project or on well-defined points – from the initial market analysis phase, through to the product launch and beyond.

Martine Foulloy

25 years’ experience…

  • B.U. Director, international food & drink trade show division, Sopexa Group
  • Director of consultancy department at Food from Britain France – Creation and Management of the European Sandwich & Snack Show
  • Junior consultant, food and drink marketing agency, Agral
  • Buyer and product manager, Grand Union’s EU office (US supermarket chain)

Dual degree in business and food and drink
French national, bilingual, with an international, Anglo-Saxon culture

SetUp Partners, a tailor-made and flexible approach

We can accompany you throughout your project or step in to assist with a specific stage – from the initial market research phase through to product launch.

SetUp Partners works with a local network of experts to whom we call upon for specific missions: PR and communication agencies, writers, web designers, graphic designers, sales force…